Third trimester

I feel my energy level is dwindling downward. This past week was really a struggle to get up and go to work. Some days… most days… I just don’t feel like moving lol I’m just so tired. I drink at least 4 16.9 bottles of water a day. It’s a struggle for me to increase to get to 6. I also drink juice, iced tea, ginger ale, and sprite. I eat 3 nice meals a day and snacks throughout the day so I’m no starving by the time I eat my next meal. I eat fruits and veggies. I just wish I had a little bit more energy. This will be my first baby. Am I being too hard or myself??? It is normal to be almost as tired in 3rd trimester as I was in the 1st???
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I was the same way

Yea, me too.

Honestly I think I'm more tired than I was in the 1st, but insomnia has been added to the mix for me so it's hard to tell.

It’s the lack of sleep that’s making matters worse for me! Have never felt this exhausted in my life 😞

i've heard third trimester is a repeat of the 1st but worse 😭 and i couldnt keep myself awake during my 1st, that sleepiness is starting to come back full force. i'll wake up at 11am and make+eat something Nd immediately i need a nap

@kay that’s me. Like right after I do something like eat or get dressed or get in the car I’m like ok I need a nap. And I look exhausted when I look in the mirror.


Same plus peeing in the middle of the night makes getting quality sleep harder. Is any one getting pain in upper thighs and groin area ? I’m 29 weeks.

omg i thought it was just me !!! i keep thinking i’m sick on top of prego bc of how tired i am and lacking energy 🫠😢

I’m in the same boat as you right now! You are doing wonderful ❤️ Keep doing what you’re doing, you are in the home stretch momma!

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