Hi, I’m into my 3rd month of starting Everol 50 patches and Utrogestan 100mg days 1-25. I felt great first two months, my headaches and migraines were non existent. This 3rd month totally different I’ve had two periods within 5 days of each other and 2 migraines and headaches most days. My question is will this settle or is my dose wrong? My GP wasn’t helpful and is clearly not update with things. Anyone else had this? Thanks 😊
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Hello 🙂 our M-brace The Change factsheet on starting HRT should be helpful: As your hormones and HRT settle, it's common to feel a dip around the 2-3 months mark. You should have a dose/symptoms review after the first three months of any HRT regime, and your dose tweaked if symptoms persist. If you're happy with patches, your next incremental recommended increase would be a 75mcg Everol oestrogen patch. The Utrogestan regime you've been prescribed is for postmenopausal women - as you're perimenopausal, you should really be on a cyclical regime (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off), UNLESS you've been prescribed continuous due to your migraine history as this often helps 🙂 Did your GP discuss this with you? ❤️

...BTW, the three-day 'break' is quite an old-fashioned way to prescribe Utrogestan, and isn't thought to be necessary. It'd be worth asking your GP to seek 'advice and guidance' from a NHS Menopause Clinic specialist if they are in need of it to better provide care 🙂❤️

@Sharon no the GP had no clue really and said I was only asking for patches because of the davina program as she would prescribe tablets which was not body identical. She really didn’t want to give me anything even thought I’ve got lots of peri symptoms. Thank you I read the fact sheet x

@Donna - right, your doctor does not seem to have up to date menopause training! Is there another doctor you can see at that surgery? One that has a clue about HRT prescribing? 🙂

Either way, here's a link to a PCWHF booklet on prescribing, aimed at healthcare professionals in primary care: I'd keep this handy, and forward it if you get any further pushback. You might also want to refer them to this Web resource:

This is nothing to do with Davina! It makes me so angry when I hear this nonsense from people who should know better! This is to do with our generation of women standing up for ourselves and not accepting shoddy treatment and being fobbed off anymore. Your GP would do well to update their training, lose the arrogance, and provide a decent level of care without condescension and a crappy attitude.

@Sharon definitely, hence why I’m dreading going back 😔

@Donna - honestly, ask to see a different doctor, and complain to the practice manager about this one if you feel strongly about their attitude. I see this all too often with our M-brace The Change support group members and have coached loads of them through this type of scenario. You do not have to dread it, and you certainly don't have to see a doctor who is seemingly not concerned about their patients' wishes and wellbeing. ❤️

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