Little dude was doing so well one milestones and now it seems (to me) like he is falling behind. We just started crawling on Easter. We pull ourself up and now we are starting to side step. But his balance is AWFUL. I know it’s something he’s gotta build up but he can stand on his own for a little and then he just crumples. He isn’t worried about other kids when we go to the park. He had a little girl try to play with him and he completely ignored her. (The little one was 12 months.) He is fascinated by anything that spins (ceiling fans, wheels, the washer and dryers at the laundry mat. He acts like he’s just found his hands at least twice a day. I was wondering how/when I should go about potentially getting my boy evaluated for autism? Or maybe it’s something else? Maybe it’s nothing? I know a lot of stories of kids being “normal” and then regressing around 18-24 months. Maybe it’s all in my head. I’m a single first time mother. Maybe I’m just paranoid.
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First step would be to bring up your concerns with your pediatrician. If that’s no help look up early intervention in your area and see if there is a self-referral option. Follow your gut and seek out the eval even if it results in nothing. It’s better to get the ball rolling as the waitlists can be long

If he’s regressing I would pause immunizations ASAP and try to detox. supplements that could be beneficial are trs spray and cod liver fish oil(Nordic naturals). If it’s what you think it may be things can be reversed but I wouldn’t rely on western medicine and seek out more natural minded information and doctors

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