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Hi ladies! I gave birth ti my daughter on Saturday- if any first time moms have questions about labor and delivery etc, ask away! Happy to share whatever I can to make it less scary/nerve racking etc.
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That’s so sweet of you Victoria 🤍 I hope you and baby girl are adjusting well!! Did you feel any differently in the days before your labour started? Did you notice losing your plug and how soon after did your waters break? (Forgive me if that’s one too many questions!)


@Sarah absolutely not! She actually was 5 weeks early! I did notice I was pooping alot more often, her movements were getting aggressive, and I was much more tired even though I was working short days. My water broke on its own in the middle of the night- it was clear- and once we got to hospital my contractions were so bad I don't really remember much until the epidural cane, so not sure about the mucous plug.

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