Hip pain at night

Hello guys , I’m 25 weeks today I’ve only just noticed it last two nights . But hip pain keeping me awake tossing and turning from side to side. I’ve got a pregnancy pillow. Any suggestions?
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Pillow between your legs! It helped me a lot!

I’ve literally started with this myself it’s the worst pain!!! I got some cooling gel which seams to be working and I’ve been doing some stretches. I mentioned it to my midwife, she said she would refer me to physio if it carry’s on, you could try that xxx

I’ve had this in all 3 pregnancies. I’ve tried magnesium salts in the bath which does help a little bit, some swear by it though so that could be worth a try?

I have this every night!! Driving me crazy. Your not alone. Feels like a trapped nerve for me.

Same, in the day time when stading tey to stand straight and not lean to once side (since being told this i notice i do this sooo much) Try to lie on the side that hirts the least and put pillow under bump when lying on side, google hip exercises for pregnancy, try not to sit cross legged as this puts pressure on hips xxx

I’ve had this at night its awful, been in agony with sciatica pain to. Have since seen a physio and she recommended stretching and putting my pregnancy pillow, I have the dream genie one behind me to lean back on to. Then have another pillow for your bump and when you role on the other side. Apparently leaning over your pillow and putting your leg up stretches the muscle causes pain. I use magnesium cream to on legs and lower back.

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