Water in this hot weather

Do we give cool boiled water in this hot weather? For e hydration? Formula fed baby. And how long to cool water for?
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My gp said I can, I just let it cool naturally and offer very small sips a few times a day, he barely takes an ounce x

My HV told me no water until 6 months and that formula and breast milk is enough for hydration x

General consensus under 6m is no water at all if BF and if formula fed, they can have small sips of cooled, boiled water *if* it’s really warm. Personally, I don’t think its that hot yet that there’s any risk of them dehydrating so I’d say to just keep an eye on nappies (you want lots of heavy wet ones) and feed as normal for now. If you find you’re getting less wet nappies than usual, they’re not as heavy or baby isn’t feeding as much as usual then I’d offer a few sips but literally just that. Too much water can be quite dangerous under 6 months so don’t just give it because you feel like you’re supposed to, only do it if you need to x

My HV advised to give small amounts of cooled boiled water, my boy has hiccups a lot and this is the only thing that gets rid of them x

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