Green seedy poo (consistently for days)

Hey, some help needed... has anyone else experienced this? (See photo). The green pesto type poo has been for days now. I EP breast milk and give it to my 7 week old in a bottle. We had the mustard poos until 3 days ago when they started looking like this. I also top her up with formula as my supply isn't fantastic at times. I have been reading about foremilk/hindmilk so recently started pumping for 2 mins and throwing away what looks like foremilk but the poos are still looking like this. I'm starting to worry as she doesn't feed well at the best of times. These poos are frequent and explosive. The HV is coming tomorrow so I will talk to her but I'm getting increasingly worried and upset. Our breast feeding journey has been difficult from day 1. If my milk is making her unwell and that's why her nappies are like this, then I will stop. I don't feel ready to but ultimately I want her well, healthy and happy. If anyone has or is experiencing this please let me know. Any advice/info needed. TIA, worried momma x
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@Tanya omg I never knew it was debunked! This is soooo interesting. It’s always been a little worry in the back of my mind because everyone constantly says it lol. Interesting. Think I’ll have to invest in this book too

@Amy it’s a faaaabulous book. I’ve just gifted one to a friend who’s just had her baby because it’s like a million IBCLC sessions in a book. Lucy Webber is putting herself and follow IBCLCs out of business 😂😂😂😂😂.

Thank you @Tanya 😊 the photo doesn't do it justice but deffo green and very different to all her previous poos. Is green still okay then?? She is so unhappy at moment. Won't take bottle or breast and its breaking me if I'm honest :( xx

It could very well be the formula but it really only looks a tinge, it looks more mustard on the photo. It doesn’t appear to be constipation from the consistency. The amount of poo & wee in the nappy looks good so she must be drinking enough for her needs! If you are worried though do seek help from your HV x

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