School applications: reception intake 2024

School applications open in my city November 1st. Just wondering if anyone knows how I find out what days I can go and look at the schools before I consider applying for them? I’ve looked on the websites for the schools but I can’t see any details. Do you have to contact them to arrange a viewing? Or is there a set open day for these things? Any help appreciated. This is the UK for reference :)
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Different county but we have had to contact schools to find out when open days are. Seems odd to me that they don’t advertise but that seems to be the case in Lincolnshire. Our preferences are have specific open days, no appointments necessary, just turn up.

Yes, contact the schools - they don’t do open evenings etc at primary, which is a bit daft

You contact each school separately although some do have open days in their websites which you can call and get a place on. I've found they all happen during the school day rather than in the evening which isn't great for working parents. I'm glad to be on maternity leave!

Thanks ladies. Seems like my afternoon off tomorrow will be calling the local schools and trying to fit as many in on the same day as I can 😂 it’s all very unorganised I feel, primary school is as important as high school as this is the time where children are introduced to this setting. Im already feeling guilty that she will likely not be in any of the schools her nursery friends go to

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