not able to shave anymore?

i physically cannot reach and have been looking at hair removal creams but does anyone have any recommendations of ones that are good for more sensitive skin? thank you!
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I know you’re asking about creams but if you can, I’d actually get waxed! I went and got waxed a few days before my son was born (not intentionally but my son decided to show up early). It was my first time and I was nervous but it definitely worked in my favor because waxing lasts longer, I didn’t have to deal with anything during the post partum phase which was perfect because I personally do not like having hair down there

Nair for sensitive skin

I used woowoo, gentle enough to use everywhere so you can smear it all over blindly. I have really sensitive skin and no issues x

I have sensitive skin and I use woowoo for my bits and veet sensitive for my legs.

Veet do a sensitive skin range

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