Making friends is hard

Why is trying to connect with new people so hard??? It’s like the beginning convos are dry, short and just awkward. I try to be out going and excited when reaching out to new people for the first time and I never receive the same energy, makes me want to give up lol. I’ll just be lonely forever 🧘🏽‍♀️.
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I find a lot of people I meet are local to my area and are lovely but they have a support base already and a friend clique so they aren't really interested in getting to know me or my family. Our conversations are usually polite but go nowhere. I'm still looking for my Unicorn Mama friend 🦄👩‍🍼, I know she's out there. I will find you! 😆😁

I think finding someone that matches your energy is difficult, I think it feels better once you meet face to face. I found it hard starting here, sometimes the people make bare minimum conversations which is weird, eventually and hopefully you will filter a few and if they are genuine they will want to meet you and it won’t feel so lonely after a few meet ups xx

So first off, as someone who is neurodivergent, I don't think that's the case here. I've found that a lot of adults these days are so used to the instant gratification of things (food delivery, Google over a dictionary, watching TV on demand), it has also normalized an over-reliance on instant gratification which in contrast to delayed gratification, which can be problematic. So when it comes to friends it's to fill the lonely urge and then once it starts typically speaking they realize that they have to put in effort and it won't happen over night and they just lose focus and don't care because it doesn't come as easy as other things that can bring them dopamine yet there is no real replacement for human interaction.

I can agree, i have a hard time building connections mainly because me and my people my age aren’t on the same mental level, or they don’t know how to conduct a conversation, or we aren’t into the same things the list goes on and on lol 😂 but it makes me want to give up hope as well, i see all the time these women on social media who have a whole group of girlfriends and there going on trips, doing dinners etc and i can’t get that for the life of me 🤷‍♀️ so i understand.. i wish i had some advice but i say keep looking i do strongly feel eventually we’ll find that one friend or maybe even 3 who are just what we want and vice versus for them

Ok just sounds like what a lot of us go threw ( I have adhd and more then likely on the spectrum)

@Ashley I don’t think I am..

Are you neurodivergent? Sounds like it from all the others I have met it is a dopamine thing!

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