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Am I being indecisive? I still haven’t submitted the form as I just don’t know if I’m making the right decision for my LO and I fill like in the only one. I just don’t know 🤦🏾‍♀️
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Same! Think we've decided but still not sure! Feels like such a huge decision!

So I’ve only got 2 schools is that bad?

Have you visited any local schools? That's the best thing to do if unsure. Helps make a better informed decision. Contact your local schools for a tour, have a peek around and ask all questions you want.

I have done it all @Stacy lol, I don’t live in a great area and saw only 2 being the best option but feel like I might not have put enough choices down but would be miserable if she got into one I didn’t think was best for her. 🥲

Hmm I'm unsure but have you looked outside the area? It might be possible if you looked online to find out if they'll allow that? I know they do this with secondary schools, but I'm unsure with primary schools.

I’ve only put my daughter down for 1 school lol said pick 3 but I chose the same school all 3 times x

If you haven't chosen and submitted by Monday the choice will be taken from you and the council will decide so make sure you submit before then ladies

@Sarah if I was you personally I would change that. Purely because if she doesn't get into the school you picked the council will place her wherever is left once all the other placements have been set. My eldest went to nursery in a school which was 0.7 miles away. The school was classed as a really good school so I put it down as our 1st choice as he was already there. He didn't get in and we didn't get our 2nd choice either we got our 3rd with the reason of it's oversubscribed with siblings and then children living closer we was 0.7 miles 20 mins walk. Our 3rd choice was 0.6 miles. Thankfully my son who went into school with sens needs and non verbal is now in year 2 still has sens needs is very good in maths and speaks to everyone. I'm just glad I actually put extra schools down otherwise he could have been sent anywhere in the area

@Lisa thank you for letting me know I was thinking of doing another 1 as the 1 I did was a while back now so was thinking of filling another with 2 other choices on 🙂

@Lauren I also havent decided anything as I thinks it’s such a big decision I will miss her and won’t be around her

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