Anyone feeling the emotions our babies are 4 this year 😔 (end of July for us)
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I'm more emotional that they start school this year 😭 I've done it already with a summer baby my eldest was born 30th August and started school at 4yrs and 10 days old which was bad enough but for some reason I feel worse this time. I don't know if it's because I have done it before and I know what's to come or if it's because she is my last 😭

Definitely! Middle of July for us here. I've been so focused on helping him improve his speech delay, toilet training (only just begun due to his kidney issues since birth), and teaching him in other things it didn't hit me until evening yesterday when I forgot the date they announce the school he will be attending from our choices so I looked it up, and then the emotions began! (Currently pregnant so I forget a lot of dates etc I must remember). The extra hormones doesn't help with my equal parts excitement for him and having him growing up! I mostly say I don't want him to get older but I am excited he will have fun and have regular friends. Did this before (my eldest is now 18 years old) so I know what will happen to me when my boy starts school.... go home and cry!!

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