Anyone else only able to poop really hard balls? I’m able to poop every day but it never comes out “normal”. I have to push soo hard to the point that I get lightheaded. Is this normal throughout my pregnancy? I used to take miralax but that gave me diarrhea every time. Any suggestions on what I can take to make it easier to poop but not get diarrhea?
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My midwife suggested Colace as well. You just need to stay on top of your water consumption.

The only thing that really helped me was prune juice, it’s gross but if you can get down half a glass to a glass a day, that will be enough. I just down it all in one gulp. Colace only worked sometimes for me and miralax made me sick or did nothing.

Midwife has me drinking 64-90oz of liquids a day, like water with a little juice or lemon honey and salt so that my body can retain it better. So far no constipation. I think eating lots of beet greens has helped as well.

I chew on one or two prunes every day, at any given time. To my luck I like prunes, some people don’t I know. So far it’s been keeping things smooth enough not to have to push so hard. But sometimes I forget to eat it, I have been drinking a lot of water and coconut water and some Pedialyte.

Powderlax from Target works for me

Magnesium works the best and is safe, actually beneficial for you and baby. Try a powder like “calm” or another brand. Capsules work too, but you have to make sure to get the right kind because there’s sooo many different ones and play around with dosage. I personally take more than the package says because my constipation has been chronic before pregnancy.

Water, dates and AG1 are my life savers, especially AG1s 🙌🏼 my first pregnancy I struggled so much and I don’t think AG1s would help but to my surprise they definitely do 100% like if I miss a couple days I will start struggling again only downfall is they are like 40 bucks for a bag 😣

Though it doesn't cause diarrhea for me, miralax is what I take, and it does help. I do only take half a packet, though. Maybe that's why it works? Psyllium husk has helped me in the past. I'll add it to my meal, and the next day, it's easy flowing.

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