Stomach Stretch Pain

Does anyone else feel like their stomach muscles are being pulled in either direction? Feels tight, full, uncomfortable. Side/lower back pain. A little shortness of breath. So uncomfortable 🙁
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Yes! I am currently experiencing that and have been for the last week or so

Constantly or on and off? If it’s on and off, they may be “practice contractions” (aka Braxton Hicks) which are normal

Every few days it will be constant throughout the day. I figured it was just growing pains. I’m going to the doc this week I’ll ask her.

Finally! I thought I was the only one experiencing this and I wasn’t sure if it was something to be worried about. Feels good to have people relate 😅🙌🏼

I feel like my belly is as tight as a drum but not bloated? I assume it's just getting crowded in there!


How far along are you?

@Staci 19 weeks

Yesss I keep telling my husband that I feel like my skin is gonna rip apart

The thing is your stomach muscles are being stretched. As the baby grows so does your body. Here is a cool video showing what happens to our bodies as baby grows. It doesn't show muscles just organs, but the muscles cover those spaces so just imagine them being pushed and thinned out too.

Yes I’m constantly feeling it😭 absolutely sucks makes you extremely uncomfortable

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