Contractions stopped?

Hello! For the past 5 days I felt intense period like pains a few times though the day but since 2 days ago they've completely gone. Should I be worried? I'm 38weeks
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I had this on and off for 4 days and went into labour myself at 39+5 I had an induction booked for 2 days later due to reduced movements which I didn’t end up needing. When I was first checked I was already 2cm dilated, midwives said it was my body preparing just not fully progressed

@Bethany Allan so how long after the false labor did you Go into real labor? I dealed with the same thing Yesterday I had false labor Contractions

I started with the on and off contractions on Friday 2nd and went into labour on the 6th but it was slow progression, I was 2cm dilated that evening when I was reviewed in triage but I went into full labour on the 7th. My waters broke at 10am and she was born at 3.30pm

@Bethany Allan thank you for your reply ♥️ did you lose your mucas plug before or after you felt the on and off contractions

I started getting pains every 10 mins which lasted 2 hours on Sunday 22nd Jan. Then the following 2 days I had them lasting 4 hours, then 8 hours which stopped just before bed. I then woke up the following morning (24th) with contractions every 5 minutes, took my son to nursery and was advised to head in to be checked. They said I was in labour, due to progressing quickly with my first and being a planned c-section they told me I would be having my baby that day! Xxx

@Portia may I ask why a c section

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