How did these baby grow so much?

Today my son had to get an MRI done. While waiting for everything he was trying to crawl, trying to stand, throwing his toys/hitting them and just talking. He was the happiest baby and I just looked at him like wow…you are 7 months. You aren’t a newborn. We are closer to toddler days than the newborn phase at this points Anyone else just so amazed at how far they have become in motherhood and how much the babies have grown? Here’s a picture of my little happy chunk boy waiting for his test!
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Aww. Look at his teeth. My son is 7 months today. It looks like his teeth are close to coming in.

@Heather we just had one of the top ones pop through! It was a doozy coming in lol

Awww, what a cutie!!! My girl also has to get an MRI within the next couple of months :( Yes. I can't believe how fast they are growing. She's like, her own little person. It's incredible

@Megan awwww. I hope she’s okay and that when you get the results everything comes back normal!

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