Epidurals and pain meds

So I was reading about diff pain management anyone know if we can tell the doctor if we want a certain spinal or a regular or if we would like extra pain medication while we are in labor ? Also I have Medicaid and hope that’s a good thing for the baby going to be delivering at Stonybrook in Suffolk county NY very soon does anyone have good feelings about that
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You can ask what pain management they offer. Unfortunately you can’t ask for more and get it right then. I had IV pain meds (fentanyl) and I was asking for more but I wasn’t able to. I can’t remember how many hours (1-2?) that I had to wait for another round.

Mine offered an epidural and an Iv pain relief. I did the iv first then the epidural

You can definitely ask for options. And keep an open mind. Ask lots of questions. I also had IV fentanyl and then opted for epidural. Good luck!

I wish I hadn’t gotten any. My plan was to skip it. They kept asking and like pressuring me to take it. I finally did and they gave iv fentanyl immediately followed by an epidural. That caused my baby’s heart rate to drop so they had to give medication to bring it back up. Then it was too elevated for too long and I had to get an emergency C-section. It was the worst and most traumatizing experience of my entire life.

@Rachel my aunt who is a labor and delivery nurse told me just last night that fentanyl fully lasts about an hour but they are only allowed to administer it every two hours

@Gabriela I also had a traumatizing c-section. How long ago did you experience this? Would you consider having another kid after this or have you already? I always wanted 3 kids and this was my first and I don't think I could handle this again.

I had my baby just over a year ago and I’m actually pregnant again now (not planned) but I am going to a different hospital this time and my doctors are fully on board to try a VBAC with this baby.

I had a spinal and I didn't need pain meds for hours.. I had a c-section so when the spinal wore off they gave me pain medication but that sucker lasted from like 3:30am-well after lunch time before it wore off enough I could move my legs.

Nurse mama here! When you have your next appointment ask your provider what is typical pain management options at the place you’re delivering at. Typically medicated options include IV narcotic (can make some people feel sleepy) or 2 spine injection options: intrathecal where you can still move but lasts around 4hours or epidural where you’ll need help moving & stay in bed but you get a steady dose of medication & usually a button to self administer more small amounts. Each Anesthesia group may use slightly different medications in these spinal options, based on their practice and also how close you may be to delivery. You can also tell your nurses you’d like to try unmedicated and they should help empower you to work through it as much as possible and offer various options available at that facility to manage pain in other ways. Position changes can work wonders, counter pressure on back/hips, bath/shower is great option, music, dimmed lighting etc are all ways to cope. Good luck!!

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