Possible malpractice? Or am I over thinking things?

I wanted to do a vaginal birth, i dialed as far as 4-5 cm and was frightened into a c-section 12 hrs after they broke my water. Said that my baby’s heart rate was dipping but it only dipped a few times when they upped the pitocin. I asked if I can just do it without the pitocin since I was progressing on my own before they even started it and was told no I needed it. After c-section was done they said they had to do it also because baby was wrapped in the cord. But there was no indications, discoloration or anything showed that was the case. At my 2 week appointment no documentation was on file about the cord wrapping. My OB didn’t end up being the one to preform the c-section and now she won’t c me at all. I was just handed over to a whole new doctor for all my check up with my c-section recovery now. The doctor that did the c-section didn’t even want to come into my room after the procedure. My mom over heard the nurse physically telling her “they only wanted to thank u” and then she came in and rushed out before we could ask about anything. When I start asking more questions I get round-about answers. When I ask if they can explain further they say they only my original OB can go further detail and they can request more info from her. For example I magically had on my chart that I had high blood pressure during pregnancy and that I was aware of that. I told them they had to have my mixed up with someone because I saved all the paperwork from every doctor visit and I’ve never had high blood pressure during my pregnancy. I offered to bring it in but now the new doctor I was given has transferred. I now have my 6 week appointment coming up and they changed my scheduled doctor appointment on me to go to their other office with a whole new doctor. Maybe I’m just being paranoid but I feel like they r hiding something or maybe it’s just coincidence and I’m being nuts.
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Not sure where you got malpractice, just sounds like they might be short staffed and unorganized

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