acid reflux

keep waking up with the worst acid reflux ever to point where it’s making need to be sick anyone know what can help it? (i’m just over 31 weeks)x
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I take pepcid takes about an hour for it to kick in, but it lasts basically all day.

I had the exact same problem tonight and nothing would settle it. Had Gaviscon, had a banana. Both didn’t work. Sat in bed and it starts again so I propped my pillows up which helped, my doctor said if the Gaviscon stopped working he would give me omeprazole. So possibly try Gaviscon? If not, omeprazole if you don’t mind medication. I’m desperate for it so calling the doctors asap😫x

Gaviscon works for me and is completely safe in pregnancy :)

Same as me!!! Every morning I wake up with it. Wasn’t sure if it was normal or not… now I know it is 😂

Try to limit your acidic food. I get it really bad when I have acidic things like oranges or sour fruit. Happens with greasy meats also and idk why but with bananas too even though that’s supposedly supposed to help. One thing that isn’t medicinal( if you don’t want to take that) that has helped is the Kirkland antacids. I used to take tums and that brand works a lot better. Gave it to another pregnant friends that would get it worst then me and she came back and told me. That those work instantly and a lot better than all the other bigger brand ones. I like it cause if it starts coming back you can take another whenever you need. You don’t have to wait hours to take it again.

Omg mine is terrible too and exactly the same where I am sick!! I’ve been using the gaviscon tablets and then drinking water afterwards to flush it through! My mum said someone at work (at a doctors) said to drink milk too as it neutralises the acid. So I might try that tonight - I’ve been sitting up to sleep, trying to eat 3 hours before sleeping and eating like lighter meals but I still have it then xx

Similar issue my doc recommended pedcid ac for it. And it helped me sleep well.

thankyou everyone i appreciate all the help honestly it’s such a nightmare just want to sleep in peace 😂xx

Get your midwife to prescribe omaprazole it’s been a life saver for me xx

Tums helps me

I chew a tums every night because of my reflux

I had it a few times only. My dr. Advice to eat my last meal 2 hrs prior laying down in bed. And walk or just sit after eating. And also to avoid tomatoes, cheese and any acid foods before laying down. And if I decided to eat those foods, again to make sure I waited 2 hrs before laying down. It worked for me. Hope that helps 🤍

I take omeprazole and gavsiscon but nothing working for me anyone else having that problem I still feel like I canr eat or drink unless my atomach hurts

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