Advice from ppl with endo who have given birth

I have “suspected endometriosis” not confirmed but pretty sure I’ve been to er many times for fainting and having severe pain and have had a hard time getting pregnant for years I was sure u never would. I’m prone to fainting with my cramps is this a problem does endo affect birthing? Should I be in a hospital or is a midwife okay? And is after birth very painful with the bleeding??
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I have suspected endo, and I have two children, I was very lucky, managed to have both in between all my flare ups and cysts. I had them both naturally, in hospital under midwife care. Now I’m in more pain on a day to day basis and struggling to get pregnant again. But a midwife will monitor you throughout and discuss the best care for you x

Doesn't effect birthing. I had complications and an emergency c section but no reason was attributed to endo. After pains are painful but they are for many women and I would say they were no where near as painful as endo period pains. Labour contractions are worse than endo period for me though! You'll do great! Whether you want a home birth is your decision. I wanted to stay at hospital due to adenomyosis as was worried about delivery of the placenta and levels of bleeding but there is so much that hospitals do which impede your natural instincts that help you to give birth so I wonder if I should have stayed at home. Only you can decide this based on the resources in your local area as well. In my pregnancy all Dr's reassured me endo and adeno is no risk for pregnancy and birth and I would have been allowed to request a home birth.

I have both adenomyosis and endometriosis. I chose to give birth at a hospital because, of my age. My baby and I had no complications. I also used to have extremely painful cramps but after giving birth my symptoms are mild. In addition, my cycle became regular before pregnancy after drinking beet juice and also turmeric with hot chocolate. (In my case contraceptive pills made my symptoms worse.)

I have endo and had many surgeries for endometriomas , I got pregnant with a 14cm endomterioma which was surgically removed at 16 weeks pregnant, I had a natural birth and babe is happy and healthy at nearly 4 weeks pp today! So far no pain pp related to endo or cysts . I had care through both hospital and midwife clinic because of the surgery and because I got gestational diabetes and marginal cord insertion but just gave birth with midwife

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