Advice Please 🥺!!

19 yr old soon to be first time mom here, I haven't wanted to post anything, but I think it's time now. I have been feeling horrible and having lots of pelvic pain, its in my belly button all the way down to the top of my 😺, it been consistent and the pain starts in my back and end at the top of my 😺 as a sharp stabbing pain. Also my baby has been moving tons, constantly changing positions. We have our 36 wk position check on the 21st. I don't want to put myself into panic, but I've been through a lot of stress these last couple of weeks too. Any help and or advice would be amazing right now. I've also been noticing that my baby has been getting the hiccups a lot. I'm just concerned all around and idk what I should do. Any advice would help. Picture of my bump progress for looks. 🩷
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most likely baby is already in head down position, they’re just rolling around and stretching out their little limbs :) also hiccups are totally normal! my Ob said it means my baby is trying to use their lungs which is good too!!! it sounds like you’re having lightening, which is also normal, especially toward the end of pregnancy ! i’ve been having it as well 😌

What Sammy said. All of this sounds normal, although so uncomfortable. We're right here with ya. You can always call your provider and they can advise you over the phone more if you need to move your appt up!

Hiccups are good! You’re beautiful mama! We forget all the aches and pains the moment we meet our babies. We are almost there! Feels like forever! I had a LOT of stress the past 2 - 3 weeks too and everything’s going to be okay ✅ it’s all worth it - not easy but worth it!

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