Can I turn down an induction?

I’m currently 39+2 and baby girl feels like she is just extremely comfortable in there with no plans to move any time soon! I’m really worried that I’ll go overdue and midwife will try to encourage an induction, however I really just want to go naturally without an induction (just due to hearing some experiences from friends and family)! Can you get to a point where you HAVE to be induced? Or can you refuse and just wait it out?
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It’s your body and baby! You don’t ‘have’ to do anything! Xx

You don’t have to have anything that is offered to you. It’s your choice. 😊 x

You can wait it out it depends what is going on with the baby my friend got to 42weeks waiting for her to come naturally but then had a bit of reduced movements so she went in and the induced her. She said she’s glad she did as her babies cord was a bit wrapped around her why she wasn’t moving as much. She had a good birth though even tho induced! I think they just continue to monitor you if you don’t want to be induced

Usually midwives will suggest an induction if you’ve reached 41+5 as they worry about the placenta providing baby enough oxygen ☺️ Best to talk about it with your midwife though, you can decline it before you reach that time though - I don’t know what happens after 41+5 though. Hope that helps 🙏 xx

42 weeks is what they will ‘let you’ reach but even then you can opt for daily monitoring if you don’t want an induction! I’m 40+4 and starting to get the ‘need to be induced’ pressure applied but I’m sticking to my guns as long as I’m happy with baby’s movements and how I feel! I’m determined this little one is just cosy in there and will make their way out in their own time ☺️

Not to scare you but induction is safer sometimes than letting baby stay in there. After a certain point it starts to become hazardous and yes you can turn it down but for me it’s not worth the risk. My friend TW…… . . . . . . . . . Repeatedly refused and induction at 42 weeks and baby was born sleeping. So I’m in the camp of get baby out before problems arise.

Risk of still birth increases slightly after 41 weeks, but nowhere near as much as they would sometimes have you think. I don’t remember the exact numbers but it’s really quite a small increase, and actually seems to go back down after 42 weeks as well. Please don’t let anyone scare you with anecdotal evidence if it is really important to you to avoid induction, always better to look at the actual numbers.

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