Cutting baby’s toe nails

Ladies, please tell me how you successfully cut your baby’s toe nails!? My boy just kicks his legs when I try so it feels impossible! Thank you x
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I do it when he’s asleep!

When she sleeps

When he was young I could do it while he slept. Now it’s a two person job - one to hold him on their lap with Ms Rachel on tv, and the other to do it quickly while he’s distracted 😂

I do it when she’s asleep or nursing

Straight after a bath where one of us distracts her with songs or an object and the other clips.

I hold his feet, hubby cuts them. Same w nails. Hubby has cut them from Day 1 I never do

I use an electronic nail file for babies. I got the tommee tippee brand which makes it easier to use on his toes even during kicking. It does not hurt them, it's impossible to hurt them with it. I think it tickled their feet.

I've had to resort to biting them as he screams like I'm killing him with clippers scissors or the file so I hold one leg under one arm and go at it on the other foot then swap

I use the electric file whilst she’s on her blanket watching TV. Sometimes I have to lay my arm across her leg as she kicks with fun - but no risk with the file.

Asleep or now he's older with bribery!

Baby nail trimmer and during nap times only.

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