Severe implantation pain

I had horrific pain 2 days ago definitely felt one sided on the right side which I definitely felt wasn’t like period pain and was wondering if it was appendicitis, but then it went and my cycles can vary anything from 33ish days to 38ish days. I had a missed miscarriage in December and had my first period in January since the miscarriage. This would be 48 hours after implantation potentially? Can anyone else see what I’m seeing or am I going bonkers?
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It looks so much more clearer in person!

I can see something just don’t know if it has colour! Hoping for you 🙏

What DPO are you potentially?x

11 DPO but only had implantation pain on Sunday night, so this is 48 hours after that pain xx

Fingers crossed for you! Maybe try and test again tomorrow x

Thankyou. Will keep this posted x

It’s positive xx

I can see it, congratulations! X

Congratulations 🙌

Thankyou so much 😅🥰 xxx

Hi, I just saw this post. Congratulations on your bfp! 😊 I also had horrible pain yesterday on the right side. It felt like my ovary or something is being pulled. But it wasn't consistent.. More like when i moved a certain way, or sat down or stood up, and the first few steps after standing up. Today its barely there. Is this maybe what it felt like for you?

@Isabel that sounds pre like growing pains, maybe implantation has already happened for you and you will see HCG rising soon. Check in 2 days time if you havn’t already x

Thank you.. I don't know. Af is due on Wednesday.. I made a doctors appointment for tomorrow. I am scared that it maybe is an ovarian cyst.. I can still feel it, but much less than it was. Its almost gone now.. Just in certain movements i feel it.. But its definitely my ovary.. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

@Isabel it could be an ovarian torsion, meaning a twisting of the ovary tube. Be sure to get your GP to check if you feel the pain doesn’t go x

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