Rolling *picture for attention*

Baby ( 22 weeks) has just started to roll from back to (almost) front... But will only roll to his right and won't do the other side ??? Anyone else experienced this ??
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My son did this it's a new skill they're learning so they figure it out in their own time setting off from both sides and then front to back etc

@YazmynJade so he started only rolling to one side to begin with ? Not rolling to either side?

@Em yes, he would stop halfway at first and roll back then got more confidence and started going over the whole way then started going from his left and then would do full rolling circles on the floor from back to belly to back again from both sides took a few weeks but he got there I just let him figure it out on his own at his pace

That's fine!

This is normal , don’t worry :) they are still learning x

My LO did this for ages and then he got the hang of rolling both sides. Sometimes babies have a preference like right or left handed xx

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