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So I’m potentially 6 weeks pregnant and I’m getting period like pains and I’m bleeding, not spotting like actual bleeding, I feel exhausted and dizzy a lot, I’ve not disclosed to anyone but my partner that I’m pregnant not even the doctors, what would you ladies suggest This has been going on since Thursday last week Thanks x
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It is possible you’re having an early miscarriage or you may have had a chemical pregnancy and are now having a regular period. Not really going to know without going to doctor to check hormone levels.

Have you taken a test to confirm you are pregnant? You can’t rely on symptoms. You should take a test.

@Amie taken multiple tests

I would go to the ER and let them know what's been going on.if you don't want them to notify your doctor, tell them you don't have one. That way you'll know for sure what it is.

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