I’ve been booked in to be induced on Sunday (41+3). This will be my second baby as with my first I had him normally without any intervention bar 2 sweeps and he came 40+4. This time I’ve had 4 sweeps already and baby just doesn’t want to come out. They’ve said they’ll break my waters as I’m already dilated and then if that doesn’t work then use the pessary. What’s everyone’s experience being induced? I’m just so stressed about it but I don’t want to go any longer than Sunday incase anything happens to baby
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Hay hun - i also had an induction at 40+5 days my anxiety about it was crazy - when i tell you i had the most positive birth story and absolutely loved everything about it. I had the pessary inserted at 1pm by 7 i was 4cm dilated went to the delivery room and within 40mins i was 10cm ready to give birth 0 pain relief was amazing. Please dont listen to horror stories everyone experience is different xxxx

I’m due to go in to be induced today. I’ve asked about it in two groups and had a bit of a mixed back but 95% have been super positive stories! The only not so great ones have been from those who already had medical issues. It’s made me a lot more confident and relaxed. All my partner and I have done today is laugh (to the point of crying). Honestly, get yourself into a good head space with it all!

I was induced 3 weeks ago & it was really positive the only down side as I had to wait 2 days for things to progress (I had the pessary) once they managed to break my waters I had the drip to speed things up not long after yes it's alot more painful then natural labour but luckily it's over with quickly x

I had a positive induction experience! Feel free to message me x

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