Front Baby Carrier to Backpack Baby Carrier Transition

So I dog walk approx 2hrs a day with my 6mo 10kg son in an ergo front Carrier. I decided to test him out in a Osprey POCO now he was showing signs of readiness. In my head I was expecting it to be so much easier (physically). But it was soooo much harder! Is this because my muscles are so used to front carrying? Will I get used to it soon? We have booked a big walking trip in April and I'm thinking until then should I alternate doing backpack one day, then front the next. A bit like training until i get my body fitter Did anyone else find this an issue? Ps photo just showing our usual morning madness getting ready for a dog walk 😄
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Aww what cuties. We used to have a choccy spaniel, sadly lost him last August. We had the Little Life carrier given to us and used it for long walks with the dogs from around when baby was 6 months. It is hard work on your back muscles. Our little girl is light as well and I still find it hurts my back and shoulders a tad after. You do get used to it though. Great idea to alternate between the backpack and carrier if you can.

I have a babybjorn carrier and my little boy is 12kg. I use it on the back all the time and barely notice he's there. Have you tried your ergobaby carrier with him on your back to see how it feels?

@Jessica no I haven't. Are they OK to sleep in the ergo on the back out of interest? I'll have to give it a go! Thank you 😊

@Becky I think the guidance is around having good head control. But mine has a support which keeps his head forwards I.e. against my back, anyway! I'd love to know how you get on if you do give it a try x

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