Post partum

How long did you tend to have night sweats for post partum those that had them?
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A couple of weeks that I can remember, but I still get hot flushes during the day at 4 1/2 months pp, not as bad as the first month though

I’m just coming out of getting them often at 2 months postpartum! I think I had them bad for like 6 weeks

Omg I thought I was going insane, didn’t realise it was a postpartum thing and couldn’t work out why I was waking up soaking wet and then feeling cold because of it once I got up. Just over 2 weeks PP and still happening

Thank you all. They are horrible aren’t they☹️ im just over 5 weeks postpartum and hoping they go soon! Xx

3 months and still having them.

I had no clue this was a postpartum thing. My inner boobs and neck and back and all my lady goods just start sweating and I’m like omg I cant!!! I’m at 9 months pp it really just started like a month ago

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