Hot flash, chills, but the STANK

Okay, I need help. I can deal with the hot flashes (if I lay on the floor) and the nightsweat chills suck, but ooooof. I smell bad and I don't know what to do. Like not my vag, just my body odor in general. I know it's hormonal. Does anyone else experience this? It happens right before my period the worst. SEND WHATEVER ODOR REDUCING SUGGESTIONS ASAP Just kidding, but no serious!!!
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Have you tried progesterone cream or Anna's wild yam cream? I use that and estroven everyday, and I also notice strong smells, but no one can ever smell what I smell.

Hello 🙂 It's likely caused by the fluctuating hormone levels experienced through perimenopause. Using properly tested *regulated* Bio-identical HRT is the best way to deal with all those symptoms for most people most of the time. This Symptom Handbook is really useful for evidence-based information on symptoms and how to deal with them: Over the counter remedies aren't regulated, so you don't know how safe or effective they really are. They seem to work for some, but please be aware that they still carry risks of side effects and interactions, contrary to what the supplement industry would have you believe! Many rely on placebo effect to work, and none will give the same future health protections as properly regulated hormone replacement. Hope that's helpful 🙂🩷

Omg. Same. I started an estrogen patch and almost all of my symptoms went away!! Talk to your obgyn.

Same, I just got my hormones tested and they are low so I’m started HRT, let’s hope it helps

Omg girl your telling me I was in the same boat ! Super smelly I smelled like an onion ! & didn't matter how many showers or anything I tried everything as soon as I tried this I stopped smelling almost instantly I recommend it 100% It's called Dove Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant Try it ! Hope it works for you too 😅

Well! I hate that someone else is also experiencing, but I'm glad to know it isn't in my head. My husband is nose blind. I have too good of a nose. If I can smell me I'm sure other people can. 😆 I'll just blame it on the kid. And of course try these!

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