Perineal massage

Are you going to do it?
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Definitely, my midwife today said the research on it is amazing and it really does help prevent tearing. Can’t hurt to try ☺️

Yes, will have my partner give it a go starting at 34w, since I can't quite reach. 3-4x a week for 5 minutes each time.

Yeah I've got it in our shared calendar so he knows to watch some YouTube videos etc beforehand hehe

Yes! I already started as I'm 35 weeks now, and it was sore and it actually made me more nervous for the birth 😂 but more of a reason to keep at it!

I literally started today and it hurted, I'm so tight in there since I'm pregnant I don't know how I will pop out a baby. I will keep trying

Im starting next week when i turn 35 weeks. 2nd baby I remember is being uncomfortable with my 1st but if its going to help with the birth and healing im doing it again.

My partner is doing it for me as I can't reach 🤣 we're on an every other day schedule 👍

what is best time to start and also how does it help

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