Scratching 😐

I need to know if any other mamas are experiencing this 🤦🏽‍♀️ So ever since my baby was a newborn (4mo now) she's been scratching at herself with FULL STRENGTH and it's gotten to the point it drives me crazy bc she's hurting herself/risking hurting herself and has no idea. I regularly clip her nails down as low as I safely can and since babies aren't supposed to be in mittens hardly ever, I barely put her in them anymore unless she's just out of control or her nails are growing back and she's tripping to get them redone. She's always scratched at the back of her head by her ears but she consistently CLAWS at her face in her sleep when she starts to wake up and when she's tired. Can't wait for this phase to be over 😩
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Yes!!! It doesn’t matter how often I do her nails. Her forehead looks like she got in a fight with a cat and lost!

My son grabs and scratches his ears 🫠

Mine did this a lot. I started to put ezcema cream all over his head. The scratching got worse with temperature changes and baths. After a bath he would DIGGGGG. The cream helps. He looks ridiculous but if we have no where to go it’s fine

My son’s face and ears look like a tiger but I also tried the mitten trick…fail. Luckily his daycare hasn’t said anything but I don’t know how to stop it. Someone help us! 😩

My baby does this too, she scratches the sides of her head and ears and we just got her ears pierced and im going crazy worry that she’s just going to pull them out or something 😓 I’ve noticed that she only does it when she’s sleepy and trying to go to sleep, I guess is a self soothing thing.

Have you tried using a nail file instead of clippers? They have one for babies and it is a lifesaver!!! My daughter used to scratch her face constantly so I use the drill to shorten and buff her nails so they’re super dull and unable to hurt her.

I use an electric nail dremel/nail filer and am able to get my babies nails pretty short that way. Mine will scratch at his face especially at night. I still buy sleepers with the fold-over mittens but if mittens are a no for you then I’d recommend getting the nails shorter. The nail filer is pretty easy to use. I got the hakka one off amazon

I thought it was just my baby! Omg I'm glad to know I'm not alone! I thought I had the worlds most angry baby lol

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