Pls help 😭

I am 13 weeks and 4 days. I’ve been feeling sick this entire time. I’ve been throwing up almost everyday, I’ve had a lot of nausea, and I’ve been supper tired but haven’t been able to sleep through the night bc i have to get up to pee every hour or so. For the past two days I’ve been feeling a lot better. Almost no nausea, a bit more energy and I’ve been sleeping through the night. I do get up to pee here and there but not as much as before. Should I be concerned? I’ve being trying to use a Doppler but I haven’t been able to find a heart beat. I’m a first time mom and I’m terrified of losing my baby. I have an appointment for an ultrasound on the 19th
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My symptoms went away but then they came back with a vengeance!!

Really sounds like my symptoms, currently 13 weeks+6 days .. so I do understand the constant back & forth to the bathroom. My sickness got so bad at a point to where my prenatal vitamins were disgusting. I had an appointment last Tuesday & everything was fine, in fact they told me my baby was growing a week faster than should be.

That’s normal! My ob told the worse is week7-11 but honestly I’m 13 weeks and 3 days today & it’s been the hardest this week. Today I had to take Tynenol 2x bc my headache is off the chart! I even called my dr & went to my acupuncturist still got no relief. I pray my symptoms begin to subside bc it’s been 2 months of true struggle

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