Blood thinning injections!!!!

Ladies!!! I have cracked it! So I have to take one injection a day throughout my pregnancy and 6 weeks after 😫😫😫 we all know these tiny needles are not pleasant but they save lives and are sooo important. I’m 6 months pregnant now and so far my husbands been doing them for me but some days he jabs and they hurt so bad so I’ve started trying to do them myself! I’ve cracked it ladies!!! I just have to share this technique. I’ve tried this the last 3 days and it’s been almost painless!! So for all those struggling, listen up…. 1. Sit back in a chair and relax 2. Take out your syringe - decide which side of your stomach you’re going to do. 3. Carefully take off the protective cap of the syringe and squeeze a nice juicy chunky bit of fat on your stomach. 4.This is the magic part!!! Gently place the needle around the part of skin you have pinched - there are parts that you will feel more than others due to the nerves… some parts you will hardly feel the needle against your skin. That’s the magic spot… when u find the spot that is less sensitive to the touch of the needle stay there and don’t move the needle. Deep breath in and as u breathe out gently push the needle in. 5. Once needle is in slowly push down on the syringe until u hear the click and have administered the entire dose. 6. Gently pull out the syringe and let go of the skin- now don’t touch the area and DO NOT RUB the injection site as this causes sore bruising. For all those struggling try this out and let me know how you get on.
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Thank you for sharing 🙏🏼

thanks for sharing this. I will try it!!! 😊

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