Has anyone gotten preclampsia after birth?

This is my second time getting it. (Had it with both my sons). Anyways... 2 weeks after being on meds( procardia) they took me off because my blood pressure went back to normal but out of no where a week later it spiked. I almost went to the ER but my dr just told me to take the med she took me off and thankfully it helped but then it lowered it too much that I almost passed out. Anyone have similar experience?
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After birth?

@Lynn just high BP. @Brooke yeah. Literally 7 days after giving birth with both

This sort if happened to me my bp started to lower after birth so they minimized my dose and i had to be hospitalized a second time for a week. my BP never returned to normal afterwards so im medicated.

Yes! With my second. She was born 2 weeks ago. I had perfect blood pressure the entire pregnancy and then it skyrocketed after she was born. I had to stay an extra night in the hospital and I’ve been on LABETALOL ever since. My blood pressure was normal at my check last Friday but they told me to stay on my med and I’ve felt pretty good.

Didn't realise you could get it after birth... I know it has to do with the placenta, I got it real bad while I was pregnant (first time mum) and had to be induced for baby and mine safety cause my BP just didn't want to level put or go down, was on like 3 diff meds for it while in hospital and left with about 8 meds in total when I could come home... It's super scary to go through though, chin up mummas you'll get through it! 😊

Did you take baby aspirin during your second pregnancy? I got preeclampsia about 3 days after giving birth to my first and was in the hospital for 10 days because of a decline in my kidney function. I fully recovered after around a month of taking labetalol. I’m currently pregnant with my second and taking baby aspirin to hopefully avoid that happening again. They say the later in your pregnancy you get the preeclampsia, the lower the risk of getting it in future pregnancies.

@Emma Satterfield yes. My second I was on baby asprin the whole time. One day 1 baby asprin and then the next day 2 baby asprin .

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