One year injections

My daughter has her injections tomorrow she’s not long turned one, what to expect after she’s had them? How were your babies after their injections at 1 years old? I’m absolutely dreading it , hate seeing her cry😫 Did anyone’s babies get high temperature etc after their injections?
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Hey lovely, my boy had them about a month ago, he had 4, one in each arm and leg, I'm not going to lie, having it done was awful, he cried his little eyes out - but only for 5 minutes! Once I left the doctors room, he was absolutely fine, and we were lucky enough to have no side affects OR issues after, no temp, no fussiness. He took it like a champ, but yes, all I can recommend is lots of cwtches, and mrs Rachel to try and distract during the actual injections? Good luck my lovely, it'll all be okay and worth it 💕

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