How to decide what the “best” stuff to add on registry…

I started putting together my registry but get stuck figuring out so much. What kinda crib do I get? Should it have an attached changing table or get that separate? What kind of stroller? Should it be the same as carseat? Breast pump- whats actually the best kind? Then my mind spirals, gets tired and takes a break until its time to return, and repeat cycle. Anyone else having these indecisive feelings?
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Absolutely! It’s hard when the world is telling you all the things you “need”. The thing is that you need the basics but it doesn’t have to be fancy. Do you have room for a crib with a changing table and do you like that style or would you be happier with a pad on a dresser? Will a changing table even work for your life style? The stroller would be ideal with a compatible carseat but you want to choose a carseat and look for the compatible strollers that fit your needs. Something like a mocking bird if you want more kids in the future or just a second hand Graco. Strollers don’t have to be new or expensive. What kind fits your lifestyle. Do you jog? Live in the city or country? Etc. I looked up the reviews on breast pumps and read comparisons to figure out which will work best for me and seem to be the most consistently reliable. Also insurance in the US is required to cover a breast pump so you may have that to think about.

The most convenient is the best! lol if you feel a crib connected to the changing table will be more convenient and easier for you do it!! As for the stroller. Maybe get one that has an attachment for car seat but also grows with the baby so you can use when they are Todd’s and to maybe save some money later on?

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