Have any of you spotted after taking plan b?

So my bf and I had unprotected sex(like we always do, we pull out) on the 22nd. But when he pulled out it I think it dropped on me, not in but on. So we went and got plan b 10 hours later. Today I wiped and seen a little bit of pink. But that was it all day. Nothing on my underwear, nothing while wiping. It was a one time thing. So I’m not sure if I should be worried about it being implantation bleeding since it was so little on one wipe, or if spotting is common 2 weeks after the pill?
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No spotting isn't common the more time you take to get a plan b the less effective it is. You might have waited too long and got, got are you close to your period ?

I spotted after taking Plan B. If you read the box it says you can take it within 48 hours and it will be effective. I am also pretty sure that implantation bleeding is more than just a little bit of pink once.

@Baby k yea my period is due in 6 days

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