C section wound with dried puss around it

So I’ve looked at my c section scar. But coz I have a over hang it’s very hard to see unless I have a camera with a flash on it to it and I’ve noticed it looks like it’s healing but not at the same time if you know what I mean? Just seen dried up puss around it so I’m not too sure if it’s infected or not
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I'm sure a doc appointment wouldn't hurt.. could it possibly just need a warm towel to get some dried up stuff off ? Idk if that makes sense

My mum had two c-sections and always had an overhang, 17 years after her last one she still has a bit of trouble with her scar, it often gets infected/sore even though it healed with no problems, the best thing to do is keep it dry and let the air get to it as much as you can until it’s fully healed and then essential oils are great for keeping it moisturised, this is what helped mine to heal ☺️

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