Measuring ahead

I had midwife today she said I’m measuring 37 weeks I’m 35 weeks baby feels big they found sugar in my urine I had the glucose before it was normal but now I need a new one next weeks
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You should be fine. I was measuring ahead also and was given an extra emergency scan to measure baby and fluid… everything came back normal, the same also happened to a friend x

I had extra scans she was 4lb 8oz 3 weeks ago midwife reckons she’s 6-7lb now 🙃

I'm measuring a week ahead. I go in tomorrow for another scan. I'm just excited I get to see my baby again!

She may be a little bigger. My little boy was a little over 8lbs at birth, was left with a second degree tear though 😩

I just had a scan 34+5 days, baby was measuring 37 weeks too! Had all my bloods, sugars are normal, no diabetes. My second I had two glucose tolerance tests and sugar tracking the whole time, never had high sugars and Bub came out 9lb5 (but very easy delivery). My first was 8lb7. Some of us just have normally big babies. Big babies are only really a concern if they are big for a not normal reason (such as diabetes). And also, the measurements really suck anyway, my first was apparently measuring 3 weeks ahead over 10lb and they stuffed that one up 🤣

They told me like 3 times baby was measuring big and had scans and he was absolutely fine! Was born 7lb 12oz at 40 weeks...

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