I feel so lost. Idk what to do anymore. I'm in so much pain and it's only getting worse. My OB appointment to get the IUD out isn't until the 19th but it's getting worse everyday. I'm a stay at home mom with a 8 month old and sometimes it's hard to move which makes me feel guilty that I'm not able to be as active and play with my like I normally do..
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Go to ER?

I'm with @Jar - if you are in this much pain I'd say either ER or call your OB/Gyn and tell them your pain level. I've found doctors will fit in patients who have high pain levels

I originally went to a clinic. They couldn't find the IUD so I went to the ER. They said to make an appointment with their OB and since I was seen in ER for it, I'd get in sooner. That's the appointment the 19th. They said it looks fine but they aren't able to remove IUDs in the ER. I got a CT scan done at the er and it looks tilted to me. I have a past with it moving and it felt exactly like this. Don't have any other choice but to wait until the 19th.

I'm so sorry you're going through this. It must be extremely hard for you esp with looking after your LO. I would suggest ringing them up again and tell them how badly it's effecting you and the level of pain you are in. Hopefully they'll be able to move your appointment to an earlier date or ASAP

@Jar she’s tried already

@Angelina what do you suggest then? She's in pain. She has an 8 month old baby.

@Jar girl she has done went to the hospital m, to her doctors, and to different OB she’s trying to figure out how to get it out and no one is helping her so there is nothing else to suggest just hope and that they get it out sooner than later

@Angelina didn't you read what I wrote????? Why comment if you can't suggest anything? What was the point of your message?

Honestly if it's that bad I'd call again, let then know the severity of the situation, and if you're willing to drive a little farther away, see if there's another ob office a little more out of town that has an earlier opening. Can't hurt to ask!

I've called every OB I can find within an hour radius (that's the farthest I can go) and explained the situation and how bad it is. No one can get me in sooner than the 19th

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