How long did it take your LO to actually enjoy nursery? Currently on day two and she hates it!
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A few weeks x

Probably about a month

@Paulina @Rachel see my problem here is that my baby is also breastfed and when she goes she refuses to eat anything or drink anything because she wants mommy 😩😭

Have you tried a dummy or a comforter for when she is in nursery? My daughter didn't like comforters, but started using them when she was in nursery. You can also sleep with it so it smells like you when she is there.

@Maria thank you I’ll try that, she never liked a comforter but hopefully she likes the one I buy her 🥲

Mine is also breastfed but to be fair she's not had an issue eating or drinking away from me (it was my biggest worry when she first went at 14 months!) I second a comforter. Mine refused to take her hat off for the first month or so so we agreed with nursery she was going to keep it with her. She also had a bunny toy (she didn't really use a comforter at home) she was fond of but gradually stopped needing it. If she's not using a dummy, I wouldn't introduce one at this age x

I would say a good few weeks. It’s so sad seeing them upset! Ours wouldn’t eat there or sleep there and wouldny leave his key workers arms! But now he loves it!!! Literally loves it!!! Hang on in there it just takes time The first 2 weeks we did a phased day so starting off with oddd hours. Week 3 he would go 8-5 every day

Around 3/4 weeks. She used to cry and hate it.. now she loves it and runs the other direction when I pick her up 😂😂

Maybe 2-3 months? Now he loves it! It can go in phases too though depending when he moves room, staff changes etc. The stress is worth it once they are settled as it makes them so much more confident from my experience!

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