flutters & a kick 😭💙

Officially 17w today and I was lying on my back watching tv when I felt the little flutters I put my hand over where he was and I he did a little thump on my hand. I was able to grab my boyf real quick & sure enough the baby thumped his hand too. They are very little kicks or pushes but it’s just an amazing thing to finally feel my son. I want to cry 💙😭 it honestly feels like if you were to drag the tip of your finger across your forearm gently it’s so CRAZY 😭 reality is setting in more and more everyday
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side note & I am very petite so I’m sure that’s why I’m feeling things more and a lot sooner than others. 5’0 110lbs starting weight 🥲

Girl I was the same way 5’2 105 starting weight his little kicks are the cutest

Off topic are you able to sleep on your back or lay on your back for a long period

This is so amazing, congratulations!! I am very petite as well started at 100pounds. I started feeling flutters and kicks this week at 17 too🥰 such a magical and wonderful feeling!!!

@Molli I’ve been in awe all night I swear 😭

@Mari I don’t lay on my stomach at all really. It’s too uncomfortable for me and I don’t want to put too much pressure on the baby also my bd does not let me squish the baby lmao as for laying on my back truthfully I can probably lay (awake) for 30mins-1hour before I feel like I need to rotate to a side 🤍 I miss sleeping on my stomach 🥲

@Allison thank you 🥺 It’s literally the best thing ever I’ve been so happy all night

16 weeks 6 days and I been feeling my baby roll around it’s so crazy I can’t wait to feel him kick

@Mercedes I swear it’s the craziest feeling and all night last night I felt like he was putting on a show kicking and rolling

omg that’s so sweet 😭 I can’t wait until I feel my son I’m 17 weeks as of today !

Unfortunately I'm not petite but have lost around 80 pounds since finding out about baby from Hyperemesis gravidarum, am still overweight but not by much now anyways I started feeling flutters around 15 weeks and this is my second baby, my second boy, congrats momma

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