double stroller?

hiii so i have a 22 month old son and am 5momths pregnant. im looking for a double stroller and theres just so many so plssss leave ur recommendations!🫶🏽
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I have a 22 month old too and I’m 6 months pregnant as well. I just got a baby jogger city select and I think it’ll work perfectly when the baby gets here I just have to buy the attachments for the car seat. It is heavy though for a pregnant woman.

The Baby Jogger city select. Hands down the best stroller ever for 2 OR 3!. Check fb marketplace and free groups that have moms who might be selling (usually dm to find out) otherwise it’s $800 or so but beyond worth it! Fits three with the add on detachment ride along platform then we use the Chicco 30 in the infant part for my 6.5 month old and my 21 month old sits in the extendable stroller. The storage underneath it is like the Mary Poppins never endless purse! I literally just can walk in with my stroller and do a huge grocery shop without a shopping cart until they bag it all. I alway get help out anyway so I can just focus on putting the babies in the car rather than getting distracted with bags. When you have two, highly recommend that, it’s the safest way I’ve found, when shopping solo, to make sure both children stay safe. Anyway hope that helps!

I just got the bugaboo donkey 5 they have the duo option


I'm looking into buying the Vista V2 by uppababy!!!

Evenflo expand pivot is a double stroller & includes a car seat as well & it’s easy to maneuver & it’s not too pricey either. I have one going 4 years strong 💪🏻 Hope this helps you in your research 😊

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