Guys!!! Finally 😭

We’re pregnant!!! I can’t believe it. I’ve posted a few times on here as we’ve been TTC for around 6 months now. Our son just turned 1 and I just found out! Over the moon 😊 Ofcourse it happened the month I didn’t even track ovulation, and the month I feel like we baby danced wayyy less 🥲 Now I need to figure out how I’ll handle 2 under 2 🤣
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Congratulations! My first baby we didn’t track and only bd 2 x and out of my fertile window! 1% chance I could be pregnant or less that month. Only tested as I was 4 days late! Sometimes that’s the best month no pressure 💕💕

Huge congratulations❤️

Congratulations to u xxx

Congratulations x

Congratulations ❤️

Congratulations 🥳

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