Should I be worried?

My little one the last couple of days has started to stammer. It’s only been the last 2 days. She’s amazing at talking but it seems to be on words like I. So for example she is saying ‘I I I don’t know” but it’s near enough every time she starts a sentence with I and some other words too? Is this normal or Should I be concerned?
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My daughter started to do this a few weeks ago, spoke to the health worker and said it was normal at her age. Apparently it’s when their brain works faster than their mouth and I found happened more when she was excited. She’s stopped doing it now. Hope that helps x

My little girl would always start ‘co co cos’ instead of because and we just repeated her sentence back to her without the stutter and she would say it back to us and has stopped now xx

We had a similar stage, about 4 months ago. He stuttered a lot, for about 4 weeks & I was worried too! From what I'd read it seemed worse than what would be considered 'normal' & he'd get so frustrated/upset too. Like your LO it was with most sentances for a while. But it passed! We just did lots of normalising "mummy finds it hard getting her words out too sometimes, don't worry!", and made sure to give him plenty space/time to talk. It came right before a real leap in his speech, full sentences, more context words etc. So I too concluded his brain was just a bit ahead of his words for a while! 😊

It's usually when their brains quicker than their mouths so they struggle to get the words out. It could also be when thinking what to say.

My little one does this a bit when he’s really excited about what he’s about to say. It does sound a bit like a stutter but I can tell it’s just excitement and his words trying to catch up with him x

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