Change in movements but recently heard heartbeat all fine

I know any change in movements I should call triage, baby is still moving but just seems quiet 🤔 I’m not sure if it’s just me overthinking and being anxious ! Heard baby’s heartbeat yesterday though and Everything was fine?
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Probably nothing to worry about but definitely worth phoning triage if he/she is quieter than usual. Just for peace of mind id say! However it isn’t uncommon for them to move slightly less at this stage due to lack of room. Which apparently doesn’t phase my daughter, im nearly 39 weeks and it feels like shes constantly digging her way through my pelvis😂x

@𝐉𝐮𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐚 I think that’s exactly what it is so it’s causing me to overthink. Going to have something sugary this morning and focus on movements before I call. The movements sometimes can be really painful can’t they 😂Xx

I'm in the same boat. I'm actually at the hospital as I type this. The hospital is waiting for doctor to see me and tell me whether I'm getting discharged or have to come everyday. I can feel him poke out but not kick as he normally does xx

@Abbygail-Louise I have been in for reduced movements once before and as soon as I got there baby started moving so much. Are you still not feeling baby move as much? I’m just not sure if it’s normal at this stage. Hope everything is ok and you get discharged asap x

I'm the same mine isn't moving as much but I have a home doppler and the beat seems fine x

@Aimee I thought the home Doppler aren’t recommended ?xx

They aren't because people panic if they csnt find the beat, but I've had one with all 3 of mine and keep an open mind, but manage to find the beat every time I use it which is not all the time x

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