I have a newborn, just over 3 weeks old. When meeting friends etc with older children. Should I refuse to go if they are unwell? I’m a first time mum and I’m so worried my little girl will catch something from another child?
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If I was the friend with the older child I would cancel if my child was unwell tbh. If it was me I wouldn't go. They have no immune system when so tiny.

IKR. You know when you start to question yourself, thinking your hormonal, I just want to protect my little one.

Nope I think that's fine. My little girl is now 9 weeks so I'm becoming a bit more relaxed, but a few weeks ago I cancelled family coming to visit us because one had a cold. Its better not to take chances at such a young age. Any visitors we've had /meet ups I've gone to I've asked beforehand if anyone is sick and reminded people to not touch the baby without washing their hands etc (that's if the meet up goes ahead, if they are ill I would cancel all together)

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