How likely is a VBAC with gestational diabetes?

Would love to hear experiences! 😊
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I had VBAC last year with GDM. I was diet controlled and everything went well. I did have to be induced as my waters had broken but nothing happened for 24hrs but other than that me and bub was all good and our readings after birth were fine xxx

I’m wondering the same thing 🥲 i feel like my OB is pushing a c-section without trying to make it obvious 🙄

Following. My baby is massive 32 weeks and 5.5 pounds. I’m weighing everything up as he’s super low down so I reckon my waters will break before my c section. He seems happy there though 🤣

@Danielle how did you find the induction hun? I heard it can be super painful x

@Bea I know it’s obviously different for everyone but from MY experience, when I was induced for my 1st baby , it wasn’t painful and didn’t feel my contractions for a good while

@Bea found the induction fine, the 3rd person to do the checks was a bit painful but the induction itself was fine. It is a slow one as the ‘quicker’ one can’t be given if you’ve had previous c section as can rupture the scar (I can’t remember what one you can/can’t have) xxx

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