Newborn vomiting

Our 3 weeks old baby girl has vomited twice in 24 hours. Usually we have a little spit up maybe a teaspoon worth of milk but these 2 times it was full on projectile vomiting where I had to change myself and her and her cot. She has a little runny nose but otherwise seems fine. No suspicious colour of the vomit, normal milky white. She's breastfed. Should I be concerned or just monitor for now?
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Just monitor it for now. Throwing up (even projectile) is fairly common in babies that young but it depends how often it's happening. Keep track of how often it happens and whether it happens straight after feeding, a little while after etc, so that if it increases you can tell your midwife or health visitor. I know for the first few weeks mine projectile vomited at least once a slowly got better and now she only does it maybe once a week

Thank you ! My 1st baby never even spit up so i thought this baby would be the same 😅 will keep an eye on it and see if it keeps going

My 1st projectile vomited daily for the first year of her life after every feed they evened up prescribing gaviscon even then she still threw up it’s pretty common in babies if check for temp & if her temps fine don’t stress about it if it continues for next 3 weeks mention it at your 6-8 week appt xxx

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